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How to easily save any video from Facebook to desktop or mobile

Why isn’t there a way to download this video permanently?

Well, you must also be one of those 30 percent of the 1.25 billion People who visit Facebook Watch every month, want to download videos, and think to yourself how it would be good if there was an option to download videos to your phone.

Obviously! It’s not every day that you find your favorite blogger’s fitness video or the long-awaited recipe of your favorite dish.

Whatever the reason may be, stick around as I make you hassle-free with my step-by-step guide to downloading Facebook videos safely to your desktop and mobile devices such as Android, iPhone, Mac, iPad, Linux, or Windows.

You may skip to the section you are interested in.

Note: I will list options for you to choose between depending on the device you are downloading the Facebook videos on. I will list the tools along with their pros and cons, keeping security in mind. Facebook refrains from endorsing any software, extension, or app because identity threats are a lot more prevalent in 2021 than they were ever before.

Downloading a Facebook video to a computer

Most of the websites for downloading and software programs are found untrustworthy. Mainly because they may have malware that can disrupt the user because you never know how does your private data look from the hacker‘s view. So it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Using Browser (through URL)

I will start with the safest option, which might be time-taking.

  1. Right-click the video and choose “Copy Video URL at current time”

    Copy Video URL

  2. Paste the URL into the address bar of your browser, it should look like this: https://www.facebook.com/.../videos/1234...9/
  3. Change "www." To “m”, i.e "https://m.facebook.com/.../videos/123456...9/
  4. Hit Enter, and Play video.   
  5. You will now open the Developer Console (Option Alt + Cmd + J).

    Copy the URL and paste it in another tab

  6. Mark the video element with the icon in the upper left corner of the developer console (you can also convert by pressing Shift + Cmd + C. the video, and you will see the field in the developer console.
  7. Copy the video URL and paste it into another tab. Press Enter.
  8. Finally, right-click on this video and choose "Save Video As".

    Click Save your video as

  9. Now Name your video, and you are done.

By Downloader apps

Now ask yourself a question. How often will I download Facebook videos?

If the answer is “Rarely”, choose the website route. It might be time taking, at least your data is in your own hands”

For those who have to download videos frequently, like their own live stream videos, an external route will make the process a lot more feasible, e.g., an extension or an app.

You may choose one among the safer options I have listed after deep research.


Best For
Runs On
Facebook Video Download up to 4k quality
Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, MAC
Compatible with all devices
No limitations on downloads
Save in MP4 and MP3 file formats
Ability to download live Facebook videos
Download even private Facebook videos
Downloading HD & 4K quality videos.
Windows, Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Edge browsers.
Free download,
Premium: $19.99
Easy and Fast, Download subtitle
4K Video Download, Video to MP3 conversion, Audio to MP3 conversion
Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu.
high-quality output,
easy-to-use interface

From my perspective, Regardless of device, FBDown.net will serve you well while taking care of your anonymity.

According to Techbizland:

FBDown is a great tool to download Facebook videos in just a few clicks

“Coming to the safety of using FBDown, I would say you have nothing to worry about. FBDown is a safe to use service, and your data will never be misused. You don't need to do any registration or registration to download videos from Facebook. As far as the ads are concerned, their nature is not suspicious, and even if you click on these ads, they will not lead you to any malicious websites Nor does it save any history of your downloaded videos.

Also, on being asked by WOT, many users declared FBDown to be safe.

“Is fbdown.net Safe?”

Considered safe by WOT

  1. Find the video post you want to download.
  2. On the video Right-click, Options will appear; select "Copy Current Video URL”.

    Right-click on any video then copy video URL

    Image source-FBDown.net

  3. Go to FbDown.net.

    Go to FBDown.net and paste the link

    Image source-FBDown.net

  4. Paste your link there and click the required download quality.

    Click on Normal quality or HD Quality

    Image source-FBDown.net

  5. Again right-click the video, and choose "Save Video As".

    Download Facebook video offline

    Image source-FBDown.net

  6. Name your video.

If the video doesn't download, it rather starts playing. Then on Step 3 Right Click the link and "Save as..." to download the video.

In case of error, check if the video is public () or private ( )

Or check FBDown’s Video Downloader Extension for Chrome.

Downloading a Facebook video to an Android

Almost the same steps must be repeated to download the video to Android via FBDown.net.

  1. Open the Facebook video you want to download in the Facebook app or website.
  2. In the app, tap Share, and then tap Copy Link
  3. On the website, paste it into the URL bar.
  4. Open fbdown.net in a browser-compatible to downloading. Most Android browsers are, including Chrome.
    Best For
    Runs On
    Free Download of Facebook Videos online
    Mac, iOS, Windows, browser, Android extension
    simple web interface
    Download and Convert FB Videos
    Web, Android, Mac, iOS, Windows
    Advanced features like convert to flash, convert to HTML, rename video files, and edit in various modes, including 360-degree mode, rotate, and more. Over 120 functions let you customize
  5. Paste the link where it is suggested and click download. On the next page, press and hold on to the quality you want, i.e., Normal or HD.
  6. Select Download Link.
  7. The video will be saved in your Downloads folder. Check your browser's settings for Download location if you don't find it.
  • Other apps

Through identical steps, you can download Facebook videos to your Android device using other apps I have suggested below.

Any app that was flagged as malware was not included.

Downloading a Facebook video on iPhone or iPad

To download Facebook videos to your iPhone or iPad, just follow these steps:

  1. Open the Facebook video you intend to download. Now, click Share, and then click Copy Link.

    Open the Facebook app and click on share

    Image source–FBDown.net

  2. Open fbdown.net in a browser that is compatible with downloading. Safari and Chrome aren't; Firefox is.
  3. Paste the link where prompted and click download.

    Open FbDown.net and paste copied link

    Image source–FBDown.net

  4. On the next page, touch and hold the quality you want - Normal or HD.
  5. Select Download Link in Firefox.

    Tap and hold Normal Quality and then select Download link

    Image source–FBDown.net

  6. Go to the Download section of your browser. In Firefox, it can be found via the hamburger icon in the lower right corner of the iPhone (it is located in the upper right corner of the iPad).
  7. Once there, tap on the video. Choose ‘Save Video'
  8. Go to the camera roll in the Photos app, the video will appear there.


User’s attention may be diverted towards downloading the videos shared through the Facebook platform for a variety of reasons.

With the above information and suggested methods, you can make a suitable choice for yourself. Apply these methods to start downloading your favorite video from the social platform of Facebook on your Android, iPhone, or computer.

If you want me to keep this series going by writing articles on “How to download videos from websites?” Do let me know

Also, your questions are highly anticipated.


  • Why Facebook video is not downloading on my device?

One of the main obstacles to downloading your video could be that the video you selected is private, or your Facebook downloader is out of date. Some programs on your device may interfere with the Facebook downloader.

  • Are FB video downloaders legal?

As long as you do not use these tools to download copyrighted content, it is perfectly legal to use them. We recommend that you only use this tool for your personal use for safer legal compliance.

Yes, you can download Facebook Live videos, but only after they finish streaming.

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