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How to find a folder with Steam screenshot on any platform

Being a gamer, taking the record of your gaming skills or a moment of glory must be so amusing.

For this purpose, Steam, a gaming platform with more than 30,000 games under its belt, provides the option of taking and storing screenshots of the whole GUI.

The problem many users face using this platform to play and take screenshots is how to take screenshots, or, if accepted, where do they find them?

What is Steam?

Steam is an online game virtual distribution provider. It was released as a standalone software program by Valve.

The primary purpose was to offer automatic updates to video games and include video games from third-party publishers.

What is Steam?

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There are many more options in Steam, including server hosting, video streaming and, social networking services. It was initially released for the Windows operating system, and later, versions for Linux and MAC were also released.

Later on, other content, including movies, anime, game soundtracks, design software, and hardware, was introduced in the Steam application.

Why use Steam?

You would be surprised to know how different yet similar gaming, crypto, and Bitcoin are; in all. You can come across something you rememberable to capture. No?

Achievements, rare content, or moments of winning, all are features gaming people use.

Steam can be used for various things.

  • Unlimited gaming.
  • Take screenshots of the whole GUI.
  • Facing any error while playing games, take a screenshot and troubleshoot the problem.
  • Share screenshots of games with friends or on social media.

Taking Screenshots on different devices using Steam

Taking Screenshots on Windows using Steam

Steam was initially released for Windows operating system. It can be easily installed on Windows.

The most readily available website for the installation of Steam on Windows is Steam Power.

The initial step to successfully take a screenshot while playing a game on Steam is to enable the Steam overlay.

To do this, open Steam and search for 'Steam' on the top-left corner of the screen. From there, go to Settings > In-Game.

Here you will be welcomed by many options, but you have to search for Enable the Steam Overlay while In-Game and check it off so Steam can take and save your screenshots.

How to take & find screenshots on Windows using Steam

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Here, you will also come across the Screenshot Shortcut Keys option. This option can be changed as you like, and by default, it is always set to F12.

Click on your avatar

Right under this, you will find the Screenshot Folder. Here, you can choose where you would like your screenshots from Steam to be saved.

Click on Screenshots in the Steam app

Screenshots taken by Steam can also be searched by going to Steam's installation directory. While using Windows, the default place for Steam's installation directory is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam.

Screenshot folder in Steam

The software can also be used to search for screenshots. In the console window, click on "View" and select "Screenshots."

All previously taken screenshots will appear, and you will have some options about what to do with them.

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Taking screenshots on MAC using Steam

The Steam application can also be installed on MAC operating systems.

The solution for taking screenshots on MAC operating system is to press and hold the function key (Fn) through which the function row will appear in the touch bar.

After this, press F12, and your screenshot will be taken.

Steam on Mac

The easiest way to search and view your screenshots taken on Steam is through the software itself. From the "Menu" on the main page, select "View" and choose "Screenshots."

All previously taken and saved screenshots will be shown on the page. The external screenshot folder will come up once you press the "Show on Disk" button.

In MAC, the Steam screenshots outside the application can be searched by "Library/Application Support/Steam/user-data." In case of multiple users, check your username and search.

Taking screenshots on Linux using Steam

Linux is also an operating system released in September 1991. It is an open-source UNIX-like operating system based on Linux Kernel made by Linus Torvalds.

Steam can also be installed on Linux; more information can be found here.

Similar to the previously discussed operating systems, the default in-app shortcut for taking screenshots through Steam is F12. The shortcut key is also editable on the Linux system.

How to take & find screenshots on Linux using Steam

Image Source – softpedia.com

The default directory for the screenshots in Linux operating system is ~/.local/share/Steam. Here, you can effortlessly search for the screenshots folder.

Taking screenshots on Mobile using Steam

Mobile applications were released in the early 2010s for android. After a long battle with the quality, Valve has recently launched versions for Apple TV, iPhone and iPad.

That means now you can enjoy the features of Steam, stream videos, and play unlimited games on your android or MAC devices, anywhere.

To get started, you can download them for Android or MAC from their respective play stores.

Steam on Mobile Devices

Image source – pcmag.com

  1. Click on Avatar:

    Steam UI on Mobile

  2. Click on Screenshots:

    Click on Screenshots on the Steam app

    Screenshots taken during games will be saved here

  3. Any screenshots taken by F12 will be saved here.
  4. From this point onward, you have three options
  • Select All
  • Show on Disk
  • View Online Library

It would be best to choose "Show on Disk," Windows will show you saved screenshots in your system.

The screenshot can be traced through this file path on mobile devices.

[Username] > Library > Application > Steam > Screenshots.


As a gamer, you always opt to make your screenshots glorious and worthy of sharing. There are many applications for gaming and recording the moments of victory.

This article discussed how to take screenshots and find them on the three major operating systems using the Steam application.

Always remember, whenever in doubt or confused, F12 is the go-to key.

I hope you found this article helpful, but it should be considered that streaming technology is still pretty new in the market and can leave you confused somewhere.

Beware of the gaming cheats, though!

Network instability can be the reason for some issues as well.

So remember, games don't make you violent; lags do and keep the game strong!

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