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How to change location on Bumble in 2024

Bumble makes it easy to find love, friends, or work connections by swiping left and right. But good luck getting matches if you live in a secluded area. You see, like most dating apps, Bumble utilizes GPS technology and only allows you to connect with people in the vicinity. You can pay extra for a Premium version, but a better (and free) way to change your Bumble is with a VPN.

Besides that, a VPN will ensure safety and privacy while traversing the vast oceans of the internet. Not to mention, a VPN will grant you access to the platform if you live in a country where dating apps are prohibited. And apart from having an opportunity to choose your location on Bumble, you'll have access to loads of previously geo-blocked content, including streaming platforms like Netflix US.

Thus, read on, and find out how mock your whereabouts with the best VPN for Bumble!

Best VPNs to change Bumble location

  1. NordVPN: the best VPN that can change Bumble location, thanks to a vast great coverage globally. Moreover, it's the swiftest VPN on the market, so you can message or video chat without major disruptions.
  2. Surfshark VPN: a superb Bumble VPN with built-in GPS-spoofing technology. Thanks to amazing coverage, you'll be able to chat and meet people globally from anywhere.
  3. PrivateVPN: this provider will help you change your Bumble location without additional fees. Furthermore, it's an excellent streaming companion, as it can circumvent geo-restrictions without breaking a sweat.
  4. Atlas VPN: reliable and secure VPN for your dating adventures. You'll be able to spoof Bumble location and swipe in 42 countries. Additionally, it offers a costless version, making this provider a superb free Bumble VPN.
  5. PureVPN: the service covers 78+ countries and you can look for matches on Bumble on any on them. Additionally, the provider offers loads of nifty security and privacy features.
  1. Scoop the best VPN for Bumble. Choose NordVPN, now with a massive discount
  2. Create an account and launch the VPN app
  3. Connect to a server in a country that interests you the most
  4. Sign in or create a Bumble account
  5. Find love, friends, or work connections globally!

Why do you need a VPN for Bumble?

Obviously, the main reason why you would want a virtual private network is to change your location on Bumble. While you can get a Premium version and swipe wherever you want, it's quite pricey, and not many people are willing to pay that money for a dating app. Luckily, the best VPN service will help you spoof your GPS location on Bumble without additional fees. Moreover, most VPNs on the list will allow you to use the app and find connections even in countries such as UAE, China, or Pakistan.

Bumble Premium plan

Furthermore, a Bumble VPN can protect your sensitive data. Like Tinder or Hinge, Bumble puts your data up for sale to various third parties and advertisers to sustain itself. Moreover, dating apps are a treasure trove of data, so hackers frequently target them. That could lead to identity theft, blackmailing, and extortion. Luckily, a VPN can encrypt your information and prevent major calamities. Besides that, some providers offer antivirus and cyberthreat blockers for extra security.

Additionally, using a VPN will lessen the chance of privacy breaches. Dating apps pinpoint your location through GPS and Wi-Fi, meaning that this data could be used to track your location and home address. Creepy stalkers could take advantage of this information and use it for ill intentions. But a privacy-focused VPN could put a stop to this. Just remember, a VPN can't stop you from oversharing, so don't put out any sensitive information about yourself.

Best VPNs to fake your location on Bumble: overview

If you want to change Bumble location for free, a VPN with GPS-spoofing capabilities should do the trick. Moreover, for a broader dating pool, all listed VPNs have loads of servers and locations to choose from. Plus, I've selected providers with excellent security and privacy credentials that keep you safe while you're on the web. Last but not least, the Top 5 Bumble VPNs will give you access to previously geo-blocked streaming platforms.

1. NordVPN

NordVPN is the best Bumble VPN, as it's the safest VPN on the market. Additionally, the provider covers 60+ countries with 5900+ servers, so changing your location on Bumble won't be a problem.

Furthermore, the proprietary NordLynx tunneling protocol ensures ultra-fast speeds wherever you are. Not to mention, the provider will help you circumvent the toughest geographical and VPN restrictions in China, UEA, and Pakistan with obfuscated servers. Thus, you can get Bumble in countries that have banned the app. Also, you if prefer to use Bumble on a browser, you can use the NordVPN web extension, which is a lightweight version of the service.

Worried about your confidentiality? NordVPN has you covered. The provider doesn't have to collect logs, as it's based in data retention-free Panama. More so, NordVPN's privacy policy has been audited twice by third parties, ensuring a spotless reputation. And apart from core security features, Threat Protection will fend off malware, trackers, or malicious ads.

If you fancy NordVPN, try it out with a week-long free trial. Or if you need more time to find your one and only on Bumble, you can take any plan, as all of them are guarded by a 30-day cash return.

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2. Surfshark VPN

There's plenty of fish in the sea, but Surfshark is undoubtedly one of the best picks to spoof your Bumble location. The service has a built-in GPS spoofing technology, so changing your whereabouts will be a piece of cake. Additionally, with 3200+ servers in 100+ countries, you'll be able to jump through regions and make friends along the way.

Speed-wise, Surfshark will impress you with amazing connectivity thanks to the swift WireGuard tunneling protocol. Moreover, add the ability to bypass any geo-blocks, and you'll have access to the most popular streaming platforms, such as Disney+, Netflix, or HBO Max. Not to mention, you can swipe Bumble or watch shows on as many devices as you want with the infinite connections that you get.

When it comes to online safety, the provider won't disappoint. Surfshark VPN has a strict zero-logs policy, so everything you do on the web stays private. More so, if you live in a country where VPN usage is prohibited, Camouflage Mode will give you entry to censored websites and platforms. Additionally, if you use Chrome, Brave, Edge, or Firefox, you can utilize Surfshark's browser plugin. Lastly, CleanWeb will shield you from evil ads, trackers, and malware.

Set Bumble to a different location with any Surfshark VPN subscription, protected by a month-long money-back guarantee. Or, if you have commitment issues, you can take it for a test drive with a free 7-day trial.

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3. PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN and Bumble is a match made in heaven. It's versatile, safe, and best of all, it's one of the cheapest VPNs on the market.

It's not the size that matters when it comes to PrivateVPN. All 200+ servers in 63+ countries are able to handle over 75,000 users and provide a lag-free experience. More so, PrivateVPN purchases High Quality Network, which bolsters its speeds. Plus, it's one of the best streaming VPNs, so your Netflix and chill sessions with your date will be extra special.

Besides that, the service doesn't collect any logs, which ensures extra confidentiality. Furthermore, it's one of the only providers that offer free dedicated IPs. And if you live in countries under heavy censorship (China, UAE, North Korea), you can still swipe on Bumble with the help of Stealth VPN technology.

Snatch PrivateVPN before it's too late and change your location on any dating apps. All subscriptions are protected by a month-long money-back guarantee. Or you can see how the service works for you with a 7-day free trial.

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4. Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN will show you the way to the dating world and help you fake your location on Bumble. While it's one of the best free services, the premium version provides nifty features for your online safety.

In terms of coverage, you'll find 1000+ pieces of hardware in 42+ countries. Plus, the trusty WireGuard tunneling protocol will help you swipe or watch videos without major lags or endless loading screens. And you can connect as many devices as you want under one subscription.

Staying anonymous is your priority? Then use Atlas VPN SafeSwap feature that will boost your anonymity by constantly switching your IP address. Furthermore, with split tunneling, you can choose which apps to include and exclude from VPN protection for the optimum browsing experience. Lastly, Safe Browse will blast rootkits, malware, trackers, and obnoxious ads to smithereens.

SuperSwipe Atlas VPN and mock Bumble location hassle-free. While you can try the limited free version, I highly recommend taking a premium subscription, secured by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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5. PureVPN

Finding matches on Bumble globally with PureVPN will be child's play. The provider has an impressive fleet of 6500+ servers in 78+ countries, so you can virtually travel almost anywhere.

Additionally, it can help you bypass geo-blocks, so you can watch cheesy chick flicks on the most popular streaming platforms. And you won't have to worry about dodgy connectivity as the WireGuard tunneling protocol will guarantee super-fast speeds. Besides, suppose you want to avoid the trouble of dynamic IPs. In that case, you can get a dedicated address for a small additional price.

Privacy-wise, PureVPN will protect you from intrusions and cyberthreats. The provider has a strict zero-logs policy, and it's based in the British Virgin Islands, where data retention is not mandatory. More so, if you're a serial public network user, PureVPN offers a Wi-Fi security feature, which activates automatically. Lastly, the provider has easy-to-use browser add-ons which will come in handy if you like to use Bumble on the web.

You can grab the PureVPN trial version for $6.24. However, if you scoop a subscription, you can change your Bumble location for more than a month for free.

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How we tested and selected Bumble VPNs

Picking the right VPN is similar to dating: it will take some time to find the one and only. I've tested loads of providers and picked the Top 5 VPNs that can spoof your GPS location on Bumble. However, if you're feeling independent, you can find your perfect match by following this list of vital criteria:

  • GPS-spoofing capabilities. With a perfect Bumble VPN changing your location should be a walkover. If you don't want to download multiple apps, grab something similar to Surfshark VPN, which has a built-in GPS-spoofing feature.
  • Privacy-friendliness. Your dating life shouldn't be on display for advertisers, ISPs, or even VPN providers. Thus, look for an independently audited service with a strict zero-logs policy. More so, make sure your chosen VPN is based in confidentiality-respecting jurisdiction.
  • Global coverage. You're here to explore the dating world, so don't let a VPN restrict you to only a few locations. Hence, choose a provider with great coverage gobally Plus, check how many servers are around you for better connectivity.
  • Superb connectivity. A VPN shouldn't slow you down and ruin the fun of quick-paced messaging. Thus, a provider with the WireGuard or NordLynx tunneling protocol should be at the top of your choice list.
  • Guaranteed security. No hacker or stalker should get a hold of your precious information. For that reason, a VPN should come with the essentials: a kill switch, IP leak protection, and NASA-grade encryption. Kudos if the provider offers ad blockers, antivirus, and breach detectors.
  • Cost of service. Good for you if you're willing to pay over $4.00/month for a VPN! But you can find industry-leading services, like NordVPN, for way less. Maybe you can take someone out for a nice dinner with the extra saved money?

How to change Bumble location on different devices

Looking for the love of your life, a summer fling, or someone to spend the time with? Bumble can surely help you find people in your area. People who are not tech-savvy might get a Premium subscription to swipe globally. But you can use an alternative and cheaper method to do that.

With a Bumble VPN, you won't have to overpay or be a nomad and travel worldwide to look for people to meet. Whether you like to use the dating app on a mobile phone or browser, you can fake your whereabouts easily both for fun and overall safety. However, the GPS spoofing process will depend on your OS and device manufacturer. Luckily, below you'll find extensive walkthroughs on how to trick the Bumble location on an iPhone, Android, and browser.

How to change Bumble location on iOS

Changing your Bumble location on your iPhone is not a simple task. Like most dating apps, Bumble gathers your device's location information to work properly. You might be tempted to use GPS spoofing apps or jailbreaking, but that might compromise your overall safety. Therefore, it's easier to get the best iOS VPN and fake your Bumble whereabouts in the process. To do so, follow the guide:

  1. Pick the best iOS VPN. The best option is NordVPN, now with a great discount
  2. Sign up and download the app from the Apple App Store
  3. Connect to a server where you want to find some matches
  4. Launch Bumble and meet new people globally!

How to change Bumble location on Android

Similar to iOS, most apps on Android devices utilize GPS and Wi-Fi coordinates to pinpoint your actual location. Therefore, you'll need top-of-the-line Bumble VPN with spoofing capabilities. Thus, to trick the dating app, you'll have to:

  1. Choose the finest Android VPN. The best option is Surshark VPN, which is on sale now
  2. Open your phone settings
  3. Locate your Build Number then tap on it 7 times
  4. Now that you're in Developer mode, select Mock Location App
  5. Select your VPN
  6. Launch your virtual private network and pick a server of your choice
  7. Got to Bumble and swipe away!

How to change Bumble location on a Browser

Bumble browser edition is an excellent option for those who don't want multiple apps on their phones. Additionally, the spoofing process is not as complicated as it is on iOS or Android. You can also utilize browser extensions if you want a more lightweight VPN version. Hence, whether it's Firefox, Chrome, or Brave browser, you can change your Bumble location by following this walkthrough:

  1. Pick the ultimate Bumble Browser VPN. My personal favorite is NordVPN
  2. Pick any subscription and download the app
  3. Launch the app and pick any serve
  4. Go to the Bumble website and register or sign in
  5. Swipe and get matches anywhere in the world!

How to use Bumble Travel Mode?

If you feel like spoofing your GPS location with a VPN is too much of a hassle, you can always grab Bumble Premium and activate Travel Mode. When you turn it on, you can select the city of your choice, and your profile will appear there for 7 days. Additionally, an indicator will appear, showing other Bumblers that you are using Travel mode. And while Premium comes with loads of features, like filters, rematches, spotlights, and SuperSwipes, paying over $16.00/week seems a bit excessive.

However, even if you can swipe globally with Travel Mode, I still highly recommend using one of the Top 5 Bumble VPNs. It will encrypt your data and prevent privacy breaches, which are pretty common on dating apps. Thus, to meet interesting people from around the world and stay safe, you have to:

  1. Get the most secure Bumble VPN. The ultimate one is NordVPN
  2. Pick a plan and download the application
  3. Pick a server nearby for better connectivity
  4. Get Bumble Premium to activate Travel Mode
  5. Scroll to the Location section in the setting and select the wanted area
  6. Stay safe and find matches globally!

Can't change Bumble location with a VPN: solution

You're ready to dive deep into the dating world with the best profile pics and pick-up lines. However, when you turn on a VPN and go to Bumble, an error message appears, or you can't change your location on the dating app. The most common reason why this happens is that your GPS spot on your device doesn’t match the one on your VPN server. Additionally, it might be that your cookies are giving away your actual location.

Bumble Date error

Before you lose your marbles because the Bumble fake location is not working, there are a few simple solutions how to solve these issues:

  • Connect to another server. In some cases, Bumble might have already banned the IP address you got assigned. Therefore, try disconnecting and joining a server in the same country again.
  • Get rid of cache and cookies. If you used Bumble without a VPN in the past, you probably left traces of information all over the place. Thus, deleting cache and cookies on the app or browser should fix the issue.
  • Check if your IP's leaking. An unreliable VPN might disclose your actual IP address without you noticing. Therefore, go to the VPN setting and make sure leak protection and the kill switch are on. You can check if everything's alright on our IP and DNS leak lookup tool.
  • Message customer support. You're not an all-knowing being, so you might need some help with an issue at hand. Thus, get in touch with the VPN pros. A reliable provider should offer a 24/7 live chat option for your convenience.

Whether it's dating or VPNs, breakups are sometimes inevitable. If you can't change your location or have other issues, a top-tier virtual private network, like NordVPN or Surshark, should solve most Bumble VPN related problems.

Why is Bumble blocked?

To ensure that everyone has a pleasant experience on Bumble, the app's creators have strict guidelines that everyone must follow. And you know what happens to those who break the rules – they get banned from Bumble.

Bumble blocked

There are extensive articles on why you might get removed from Bumble. However, the main reasons are:

  • You mistreated someone. A potential bae might have reported you for saying offensive things. Bumble has zero-tolerance regarding hate speech, slurs, racism, or bullying.
  • You start off with the same messages. Starting off with the same pick-up line and spamming everyone is against guidelines. Bumble suggests starting off with meaningful and original texts.
  • Matching for clout. Using this dating app for gaining Instagram, TikTok, or Spotify followers is forbidden. You're here to find love and friends, not to promote your SoundCloud rapper career!
  • Illegal activity. What you do or smoke in your free time is your business, but don't promote it on Bumble. Any activity that's against the law will get you instantly banned.
  • Deleting and recreating your account repeatedly. There is nothing wrong if you do it once, but if you do it multiple times, Bumble will kick you out. If you want to take a break from the app, you can simply press Snooze mode.

By avoiding these examples, you'll be unlikely to get banned from Bumble. However, if you feel like you've been blacklisted for no reason, you can always reach out to Bumble's support team and appeal the block. But of course, the best way to avoid a Bumble ban is to follow the guidelines, be respectful, and start with original and fun openers.

How to stay safe on Bumble?

Using dating apps like Bumble is the bee's knees, but like anywhere else on the web, you should keep yourself secure. Therefore, you might want to take a look at these tips and tricks to keep yourself and your Bumble account safe and private:

  • Use a VPN to hide your actual whereabouts. A provider like NordVPN is known for its strong security and privacy features.
  • Don't overshare. Hide your actual birth date, keep your full name a secret, and don't disclose your workplace or school.
  • Get to know them before the meeting. Make sure it's a real person by texting or even video chatting before the date.
  • Avoid dodgy links. They might be infested with viruses and malware, so don't risk your safety.
  • Don't connect your social media. Bumble suggests doing that for people to know you better. However, any stalker might use this as an opportunity to get more information about you.
  • Avoid money or finance talk. You're wrong if you think you can only find swindlers on Tinder. Don't fall for phishing schemes, even if a very sexy prince is asking you for money.

Is Bumble Premium worth it?

In the Travel Mode section, I've talked about Bumble Premium a little bit. But now let's analyze Premium and see if it's worth it.

The biggest benefit of paying is changing Bumble location whenever you want. That way, you can look for potential matches globally without any extra steps. Additionally, Beeline allows you to see who likes your profile. More so, if you are having second thoughts about your decisions, Backtrack will let you reconsider your latest left swipe. Lastly, other features like Spotlight, SuperSwipes, and Advanced Filters will help you find love or friends quicker.

However, the biggest con of the app is its price. Bumble Premium costs way more than other dating apps. A monthly subscription is around $28.00/month, and there are no free trials to see if it's really worth it.

Thus, if you don't want all bells and whistles and simply want to change your location on Bumble, a cheaper alternative is a VPN. A service like NordVPN will cost you less than $5.00/month. Additionally, it will ensure your security and privacy while on the web, which is super important in today's digital landscape. Moreover, you'll have access to geo-restricted content on streaming platforms, such as Netflix or YouTube TV.

How to change Bumble location with a free VPN

If you're thinking about getting a free VPN to change your Bumble location – reconsider. Costless Bumble VPNs have a lot less functionality. Additionally, some providers might take advantage of your trust and sell your data to third parties or inject malware into your device. More so, you won't be able to spoof your Bumble location with a free VPN.

Nevertheless, if you want to use a free Bumble VPN, try reliable freemium providers like Atlas VPN or Proton VPN. While they do have a few limitations, they won't compromise your overall safety.

Otherwise, you can fake the Bumble location by picking a VPN with a free trial, like NordVPN. For over 30-days, you'll be able to bypass any geo-restrictions, enjoy incredible speeds, and protect your information. Not to mention, you'll have access to loads of new content on streaming platforms.

Wrap up

Bumble is a buzz-worthy dating app that can help you find a significant other, a new BFF, or work connections. However, like other dating apps, Bumble requires you to buy a Premium if you want to change your location. Luckily, the best VPN can spoof your GPS location on Bumble without breaking the bank.

Therefore, I suggest grabbing NordVPN, the ultimate pick for over 14 million people globally. Apart from changing your location on Bumble, this provider will ensure your safety on the web with top-drawer security and privacy features. Furthermore, no geo-block or firewall will stop you from accessing censored or restricted websites and platforms. Thus, swipe anywhere safely with the ultimate Bumble VPN.

Have you tried changing your location on Bumble? Which VPN did you use? Let me know in the comments.

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