Free unlimited VPN services: Lifetime security online

  • Posted on: 31 March 2018
  • By: cooltech

Wikipedia describes VPN as the technology that “extends a private network across a public network, and enables users to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if their computing devices were directly connected to the private network”.

Rather ‘plain’ explanation, isn’t it?

In actual fact all you need to know is that a secure connection between your device (the one that you use to surf the net) and internet server is created by means of VPN technology.

That’s actually why no one can pick up your data without your will.

Is that all VPNs are good at?There’s a bulk of reasons to subscribe for a VPN

In no circumstances!

There’s a bulk of reasons to subscribe for a VPN: 

  • SECURITY (VPNs protect users against MITM, DDoS, fishing attacks and other threats);
  • CONFIDENTIALITY (internet connection through VPNs prevents monitoring and data theft);
  • LOCATION (real physical location will be successfully masked and even changed into desired one);
  • BLOCKINGS (changing your IP-address you’ll bypass the restrictions imposed by the ISP or any other agency).

    Free unlimited VPN usage

    Have a strong desire to be anonymous while sending emails or want to access torrenting sites with no restrictions? But there’s an obstacle on the way to secure network – lack of cash?

    Come on, I’ll tell you how to get lifetime VPN protection!

    If I like the VPN after looking through its basic characteristics such as server location, protocols, number of simultaneous connections and additional features, I open the page which is usually entitled ‘Pricing’ and study it carefully for the purpose of opportunity to use this VPN free.

    There’re several ways to use VPNs for free:There’re several ways to use VPNs for free

    ► Free trial

    Some VPN services allow using it free of charge for some period of time. As a rule, this time may last 24 hours, 3, 5, 7, 10, 14, 15 and 30 days. This variant is the most appreciated by internet users, as credentials or personal data are usually NOT required. Why not to take use of it?!

    ► Money-back guarantee

    If you took a decision to use this method of free VPN use, you are to study the refund policy thoroughly. Otherwise, you are at risk to lose the money. For example, some VPNs don’t give money back in case of traffic limits.

    ► Free VPN plan (with restrictions)

    Besides, there’re VPN providers that offer both free and paid packages. But unfortunately for internet users such free VPN plans can’t be called unlimited in view of the restrictions imposed (e.g. bandwidth, speed, devices). Furthermore, the network of servers may differ a lot, so that it would be hardly possible to conduct the desired activity on the network. Such measure makes people either cancel free VPN subscription or update the package to the premium and pay.

    ► Free VPN plan (without restrictions)

    It sounds like a miracle, but there are such free unlimited VPN plans. But… In case a paid and a free package of a VPN provider offer the same services, servers and so on and so forth, it’s unlikely the service is really good. Such free VPNs are not rich in extra features and servers.

    ► Free unlimited VPN providers

    To my mind, it’s the best way to be secure and not to pay for it. Such VPNs provide secure and safe web surfing due to the donations or volunteers who help such Virtual Private Networks stay rock-solid.

    What will make you choose free unlimited VPN?

    There are people who can’t afford the protection of paid VPN providers. For example, the average income of an Afghan equals $95 a month. Thus, a person who lives there can’t spend the salary on VPN.Free unlimited VPN providers enable internet users to surf the net with minimal restrictions

    In such a way they have to search for a good alternative to VPN protection or…

    … subscribe for a free VPN.

    Luckily, they DO have a chance to be protected on the net without paying even a cent.

    Free unlimited VPN providers enable internet users to surf the net with minimal restrictions, send electronic mails securely and safeguard gadgets while being using the net through public Wi-Fi.

    Free unlimited VPN services have unique advantages:

    ▼ really free lifetime usage (as opposed to other variants to use a VPN with no payment, free unlimited Virtual Private Network providers don’t require credentials and don’t spam users with letters to upgrade the plan to the premium);

    ▼ all the features of the best VPN services are at users’ disposal (the providers don’t limit VPN consumers in functions. Their aim is to make internet users really protected online);

    ▼ facility to become a part of the network (as many free unlimited VPNs work thanks to volunteer nodes, there is a chance to make your computer one of these nodes and contribute to the VPN network). 

    Everything looks rather inspiring. But I’d like to describe the other side of the medal.

    Free unlimited VPN disadvantages: fact or fiction?

    Likewise everything in our world, VPNs of this type have some minuses. Thus, free unlimited VPN providers possess some features that many experts find unattractive.

    After reading this part of the article, you’ll be prepared!

    Disadvantage #1

    ALL free Virtual Private Networks keep information about their subscribers’ activity on the net. After it free VPN providers sell such data to advertisers and as a result users’ emails are overloaded with newsletters, ads and other type of spam.

    In actual fact: fiction

    What to do: To avoid facing such situations, people should read the documents published on the page of a VPN provider (terms of service and privacy policy). When it’s said that the provider keeps logs, close the page and search for another one. Free unlimited VPNs that don’t keep logs DO EXIST!

    Disadvantage #2

    It’s impossible to unblock streaming services like Netflix by means of free VPN providers. All free VPNs are blocked by the service. And it doesn’t matter where the servers of free VPNs are placed. Even servers occurring in the United States of America don’t manage to unblock Netflix.

    In actual fact: fiction

    What to do: Even a paid VPN may be blocked by Netflix and other American sites. To prevent such problem it is necessary to choose a VPN provider that recycles IP addresses it possesses. It makes it difficult for services to block VPNs.    

    Disadvantage #3

    The consumers of free Virtual Private Networks have to put up with pop-ups that advertise goods and services constantly.

    In actual fact: fact

    What to do: Nothing! Quite often pop-ups contain material that may be useful for you.

    What free VPN to download?

    The answer should be based on the device you’re going to use. What operating systems come to the mind first? For sure, Android, Mac and Windows.The answer should be based on the device you’re going to use

    Small wonder that it happens so, as they are the most wide-spread today. That made me assist you in finding the best free VPNs for these very platforms to use without limits. 

    Believe me it’s still possible in the world where people manage to sell air in the literal sense of the word. However, there are some VPN peculiarities that are to be taken into consideration in order not to pull a boner.

    Have special regard for:

    • bandwidth and speed limits (no restrictions are allowed);
    • servers (it’s better to show use the VPNs with diverse geography);
    • period of free use (ignore free trial period and money-back feature);
    • zero-logging (subscribe for the service having been persuaded that no data are stored);
    • security features (protocols and encryption are to be taken into account);
    • compatibility with platforms (study the list of allowed platforms before downloading a file-installer).

    Before we move to free VPN reviews, I’d like you to answer the question: Why do you want to use a free VPN?

     Now I’ll explain…

    The fact of the matter is that free unlimited VPN services are NOT universal. Well, if you want to use a VPN to unblock torrent sites and seed, it’s necessary to pay attention to P2P facility. Otherwise, it’ll be impossible.

    In case your aim is Netflix, you are to opt for the VPNs that have placed servers in the USA.

    When you were the victim of cyber attack or a data theft, then I bet security is above all for you! Start using a free VPN that will cipher your traffic and prevents third parties from using your data.   

    And now seat comfortable as the list of free unlimited VPN providers will be shown below.

    VPN Pros Cons Short description

    Best free unlimited VPN for Windows


    + free of charge

    + apps for Android and iOS

    + WiFi protection

    + US-based VPN

    – lack of facility to choose the server

    – no info on protocols, encryption and other features

    OperaVPN is the variant for those who want to unblock American services blacklisted for the residents of other countries. However, it’ll be problematic to choose a certain server.

    Be prepared!


    + registration is unnecessary

    + reliable 256-bit ciphering key

    + PPTP and OpenVPN protocols

    + torrenting is possible due to P2P

    – lack of live chat customer support

    – servers in 3 countries

    – logs are kept

    Despite the fact this free VPN provider keeps logs on users’ activity, it manages to unblock services and make internet users less limited in their facilities online.
    Hola VPN

    + free for non-commercial usage

    + compatible with many OS

    + P2P is allowed

    – logs are kept Many people around the world opt for Hola VPN. Apart from really free use, internet users get an opportunity to torrent being absolutely anonymous. But, don’t forget about the logs stored.

    Best free unlimited VPN for Mac


    + over 10 free VPN server locations

    + P2P is allowed

    + no bandwidth limits

    + no logs are kept

    + IPsec and OpenVPN protocols with 256-bit key encryption are responsible for users’ security

    – not compatible with Linux OS

    – only 2 protocols are offered

    Betternet is perfect for Mac gadgets. Thanks to its IPsec protocol, Apple devices become protected whilst its owner serfs the net. Besides, it is possible to switch between servers placed in more than 10 locations. For more detailed information, read Betternet review.

    + 256-bit, 10-24-bit and 2048-bit key for encoding

    + no bandwidth limits

    + P2P file sharing

    – not compatible with Android

    – only one tunneling protocol

    ­– registration is necessary

    – no data on logs stored

    In case your aim is unblocking torrent sites, Freelan Unlimited VPN provider is for you. Do you want to know why? There’s no bandwidth limit, while P2P is allowed.

    + 256-bit key ciphering

    + PPTP and OpenVPN protocols are offered

    + absolutely logless provider

    + P2P file sharing is possible

    + no limits for bandwidth

    – registration is obligatory

    – only 2 locations

    Do you remember the myth that all free VPNs keep data about users online actions? isn’t on the list. Thus, in case you want to be anonymous VPN mentioned here will definitely help you!

    Best free unlimited VPN for Android

    VPN 360

    + totally free VPN for Android

    + really fast VPN servers

    + servers in >10 countries

    + US-based servers for streaming American sources

    – ads are possible

    – for Android only

    Specially developed VPN app for Android OS will change your browsing habits forever. There will be no obstacles on the way to unrestricted net surfing. But this free VPN is available for Android only.

    Hi VPN

    + servers in the USA, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Canada, the UK, India and Singapore

    + ciphering through OpenVPN with TCP/UDP protocol

    + used with mobile networks, WiFi hotspots and LAN

    – ads are possible

    – only 1 protocol is allowed

    Although only 1 tunneling protocols is offered, strong VPN protection is guaranteed. Besides, Hi VPN servers are placed in 8 countries for successful restrictions bypassing.
    Turbo VPN

    + reliable protection through OpenVPN protocol

    + registration-free

    + servers in 8 countries

    + streaming of US services is allowed

    – no ad-free Turbo VPN is a perfect solution for Android gadgets. You will find this Android VPN app useful in case ads aren’t a problem for you.  

    If the device you use runs on other operating system (not Android, Mac or Windows), visit our main page and look through the table with free VPN providers. There you’ll find info on their compatibility with other platforms and OS.

    Why there are so few free unlimited VPN providers?

    Do you think it was easy for me to find really free VPNs that offer their services without payment? For sure, not! Customary as a rule, free VPN providers stop functioning in 1 or 2 years in view of vast sums of expense.  

    What are the costs?

    Even in case free VPN servers function due to the non-stop work of volunteers, the costs are unavoidable.

    Even in case free VPN servers function due to the non-stop work of volunteers, the costs are unavoidable.

    In case the VPN doesn’t take use of donations, the risk to stop functioning increases.

    What are the pros of free unlimited VPN services?

    Nevertheless, there are VPN providers that have sponsors or operate due to the ads. In this case, its’ more probable that the service will keep on working longer.

    That’s why it’s time to speak about the strong sides of free unlimited VPN services:

    • no payment is required;
    • we can use it as long as we wish;
    • no restrictions for free VPNs (unlike free VPN plans);
    • facility to access restricted sites.

    Some free VPN services have even more pluses than I’ve presented in the list. But I wanted to cover the most common and wide-spread.

    Are there any cons of free unlimited VPNs?

    As anything in the world free unlimited VPN services have the weak sides.

    Here they are:

    • limited number of servers and IP-addresses;
    • slow speed in view of vast number of users;
    • poor customer support service;
    • viewing of commercials.

    I hope that after looking through the minuses of free VPNs you understand that free VPNs are still worth using. The only tip is that you’re to find the one that will meet all your demands, will manage to protect your device and unblock your targeted sites.

    It was an uphill struggle for me to find worthy free unlimited VPN services and I spent several week to test them and check if they cope with the tasks paid VPNs do.

    With a great pleasure I’ll read what you think about free VPN services for Android, Windows, Mac or any other operating system. Maybe you have something to add? No problems! Let’s discuss it in the comments!

    Good luck and surf the net securely!