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How to change region on Steam in 2024

Steam is the ultimate go-to place for video games. However, rampant price inequality globally frustrates a lot of avid gamers. And while it was easy to change the Steam region in the past, Valve is coming up with new (and annoying) ways to restrict easy access to Argentinian, Russian, and Turkish servers. The reason behind this is that Steam game prices are 10 times lower compared to US and EU.

Luckily, with some knowledge and a trusty VPN, you can switch the Steam Store region and get access to cheaper and geo-blocked games. Moreover, a safety-first provider will keep you secure and private while gaming or venturing through the internet. And if your Internet Service Provider (ISP) tries to ruin the party and throttle your bandwidth, a VPN will prevent that from happening.

In this article, find out how to change your Steam region, which VPN is the best for the job, and where you can find the cheapest Steam games and the biggest discounts.

Best VPNs to change the region on Steam: shortlist

  1. NordVPN: The best VPN for changing Steam region. It can also boost your gaming experience as it's the fastest VPN on the market. Moreover, you'll have no problems switching Steam Store country with loads of servers globally, a dedicated IP option, and obfuscated servers.
  2. Surfshark VPN: The finest multi-device Steam VPN with infinite connections that you can share with your squad. Furthermore, the WireGuard tunneling protocol will guarantee fast and stable connectivity on all servers. Plus, the ability to circumvent geo-blocks and the Camouflage Mode feature will let you bypass firewalls in restricted countries and help you switch Steam location.
  3. PrivateVPN: Steam VPN that can quickly bypass strict geo-restrictions. It's a great choice if you want to spend less on a VPN and more on video games. More so, Private VPN offers free dedicated IP servers, which will come in handy when you want to switch Steam country settings.
  4. Proton VPN: Security-focused VPN for Steam. A combination of the WireGuard tunneling protocol and VPN Accelerator feature will provide impressive speeds on all servers. Additionally, core security features and NetShield will protect you from ads, malware, and annoying trackers.
  5. PureVPN: A well-rounded Steam VPN with a vast server fleet. For a small additional price, PureVPN offers a special DDoS protection add-on. Furthermore, a dedicated IP option is excellent for changing Steam region and avoiding bans.

How to change Steam store region with a VPN

  1. Choose and install the ultimate Steam VPN. The best choice would be NordVPN, now with a massive discount!
  2. Join a server in Argentina or Turkey for better deals
  3. Go to Steam Setting and select Account details
  4. Update Store country and choose your desired country
  5. Enter a new billing address and apply the country change
  6. Get better Steam deals wherever you are!

Why do you need a VPN to change Steam region

First and foremost, a VPN will help you get better deals and discounts by changing your Steam location. Due to economic differences, people in certain countries, like Argentina or Turkey, get games way cheaper. It seems unfair that you have to overpay for content if you're based in the US or EU. However, a virtual private network can put an end to this inequality and help you access cheaper games and more significant discounts.

Steam pricing differences

Moreover, if you live in a highly restricted country like China, a Steam VPN can assist you in accessing banned or geo-restricted content. With the help of the Stealth VPN feature, you can bypass the toughest firewall, avoid Deep Packet Inspections, and enjoy an extensive Steam video game library.

Even if you don't want to change your Steam Store region, a VPN will ensure your safety while gaming. Some gamers get too salty about losing and might use DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) attacks to compromise you. Therefore, extra protection from a virtual private network will come in handy. Additionally, your web adventures will be much safer, thanks to various features, such as ad or malware blockers, antivirus software, and Tor over VPN.

Gaming with NordVPN

Additionally, one of the best Steam VPNs will stop your ISP from throttling your bandwidth. If you're using loads of data while gaming, streaming, or torrenting, your ISP will tweak the internet flow and slow you down in the process. Luckily, when you turn on your VPN, the provider can't tell what you're up to, meaning they can't hold you back.

How to change Steam store region with a VPN

  • Scoop the ultimate Steam VPN. I suggest grabbing NordVPN as it can bypass geo-blocks easily, offers breakneck speeds, and has plenty of servers in Turkey and Argentina.
  • Make an account, download the app, and set it up on your device.
  • Connect to a server in a country where Steam games are extra cheap. For that, choose Argentinian or Turkish servers.
How to change Steam region with VPN
  • Head to Steam and open up "Store."
  • Pick a game you want to buy and add it to your shopping cart. Don't worry, you won't have to buy anything yet. It's just a necessary step to change your Steam currency and region.
How to change Steam region with VPN 2
  • Click on the country list in the upper right corner of the Shopping cart section. Then select your desired country.
  • Select the region of your choice (Argentina, for example) in the popup window.
How to change Steam region with VPN 3
  • Check if the game price changed.
How to change Steam region with VPN 4
  • Enter the new payment method details in the checkout. Remember, your billing address has to be in the region you selected, together with that country’s zip code.
How to change Steam region with VPN 5
  • Once everything is done, proceed to checkout, and enjoy a plethora of cheaper games!

Note, you can only switch your account only once every 3 months. Therefore, choose a server wisely.

Best Steam VPNs: detailed list

If you want to change your Steam location, getting a VPN with great global coverage and excellent speeds is a must. Additionally, extra security and privacy features, like malware blockers and DDoS attack protection, will come in handy when gaming. Not to mention, Stealth VPN technology and dedicated IPs will give you easier access to Steam if you live in a country under heavy censorship.

1. NordVPN

NordVPN is the best VPN to change your Steam location and bypass geo-restrictions. You'll find 5900+ servers in 60+ countries, including Argentina and Turkey, where games are extra cheap. Additionally, other aspects and features make NordVPN a perfect tool to enhance your gaming experience.

Apart from that, it's the swiftest VPN, thanks to the proprietary NordLynx tunneling protocol. Moreover, suppose you live in a country where Steam access is limited, like China or Russia. In that case, you can utilize the obfuscated server technology. It will hide the fact that you are using a VPN and let you bypass tough restrictions. Plus, with a dedicated IP address, you can avoid the hassle of dynamic IPs. However, don't forget to switch to regular servers if you're gaming.

While NordVPN offers only 6 simultaneous connections, you can easily set it up on your router or use the SmartPlay feature to protect all smart devices. Moreover, the provider will shield you from DDoS attacks while gaming and Threat Protection will guard against malicious ads, malware, and trackers. Lastly, NordVPN will unblock previously geo-restricted games and streaming platforms for you to enjoy.

If you don't believe me, test NordVPN for over 30 days with a free trial and a month-long money-back guarantee.

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2. Surfshark VPN

If you want to know how to change Steam currency, Surfshark has the answer. It's a sublime multi-device VPN for gamers with loads of PCs, phones, and consoles. Not to mention, it can help you bypass geo-restrictions and switch Steam region in no time.

Besides that, Camouflage Mode will ensure easier access to Steam and other platforms from countries under heavy censorship. Plus, you'll have extra protection from rootkits, malware, and trackers with the CleanWeb feature. And if you're extra cautious – take Surfshark One package with antivirus, unbiased search tool, and breach detector.

Moreover, Surfshark covers 100+ countries with 3200+ RAM-only servers. More so, you'll find a good amount of hardware in Turkey or Argentina, where games are cheap as a chip. Additionally, rage-quits, caused by lags and low latency, will be a thing of the past with the help of ultra-fast WireGuard tunneling protocol.

Surfshark is an excellent option for changing Steam location to Argentina or any other region without inconveniences. You can take it for a test drive with a 7-day costless trial. Otherwise, you can snatch any subscription protected by a 30-day cash-return warranty.

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3. PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN is an excellent choice if you want to change your Steam region to Turkey. It's cheap, effective, and will aid you in updating your store and wallet country.

Sure, a small amount of hardware might seem like a disadvantage. Still, all 200+ servers in 63+ locations are self-owned and boosed by the High Quality Network the provider buys. That guarantees 4K-ready speeds, less lag, and lower ping. More so, Stealth VPN technology will allow you to bypass VPN restrictions and help you change the Steam server region to Russia, Argentina, or Turkey.

What makes PrivateVPN stand out from its counterparts is its free dedicated IP servers. They will ensure more protection, better speeds, and easier access to platforms that are not very VPN-friendly. In addition, Netflix, Disney+, or Hulu's geo-restrictions are no match for PrivateVPN's geo-block bypassing capabilities.

Ensure your confidentiality and swap Steam regions swiftly with a PrivateVPN subscription, protected by month-long money-back protection. And if you don't like committing instantly, you can try the service with a 7-day free trial.

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4. Proton VPN

If you want to create a Steam account with a VPN and stay safe, Private VPN is totally up for the task. Besides that, the provider offers a fantastic free version if you can't break the bank.

The service ensures lightning-fast connectivity thanks to the WireGuard tunneling protocol, so you can game without annoying interruptions. Moreover, even if Turkish or Argentinian servers are far away, VPN Accelerator will increase connection speeds by up to 400%. Plus, the NetShield feature will fend off trackers, malware, and obnoxious ads.

Furthermore, Proton VPN has 3000+ servers in 69+ nations, so finding a server that works for you shouldn't be hard. Additionally, if you're ever sick of playing countless games, kick back and enjoy previously geo-restricted Netflix, YouTube TV, or Hulu + Live TV libraries.

Proton is surely a top-tier VPN that can help you change the Steam Store region. Thus, scoop a subscription with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Or, if you want to take a chance, try Proton VPN freemium version.

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5. PureVPN

With PureVPN's vast server fleet changing your Steam location to Argentina will be a breeze. The provider boasts 6500+ servers in 78+ countries. Therefore, Steam's price differences and blocked games won't be a problem.

If you're an avid competitive gamer, PureVPN will protect you from cyberattacks from salty gamers with an additional DDoS protection feature. More so, you won't have to sacrifice your speed for safety, thanks to the trusty WireGuard tunneling protocol. Thus, you'll enjoy a secure and trouble-free gaming experience.

PureVPN can also satisfy your inner multitasker with 10 simultaneous connections. That way, you can stream, game, or torrent on multiple devices at the same time. Furthermore, you can buy a dedicated IP address which will help you avoid the hassles of the dynamic IPs. Plus, bypassing region locks on DAZN, Crunchyroll, Netflix, and many other platforms will be a breeze.

If you want a game that's blocked in your region, getting it on Steam with PureVPN will be a piece of cake. Simply grab any subscription that's protected by a 30-day money-back warranty. Otherwise, for $0.99 get a 7-day trial version and see how PureVPN works.

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How to pick the best Steam VPN

It's easy to find VPNs that claim to easily change Steam region, but not all of them are actually fit for the job. While I recommend picking one of the Top 5 Steam VPNs from the list, you can try doing your own research and choose the one that best fits your needs. Thus, here's a list of vital criteria for picking a top-tier VPN:

  • Global coverage. While you'll need VPN hardware nearby for better connectivity, be sure to check the server count in countries like Argentina, Turkey, or any other regions where Steam games are extra cheap.
  • Hardware quality. Seek a VPN that provides RAM-only or self-owned servers. These aspects ensure extra security and privacy while browsing, gaming, or torrenting. Additionally, bare-metal hardware will boost VPN's performance.
  • Excellent connectivity. While a VPN will slow you down a little bit, it shouldn't turn your connection into a sloth. Therefore, pick a swift provider with the WireGuard or NordLynx tunneling protocol.
  • Security features. Essentials like a kill switch, leak protection, and AES-256 encryption are a must. However, you might also want an ad blocker, DDoS protection, or antivirus to protect you from various cyberthreats.
  • Confidentiality guaranteed. To prevent "oopsies," pick a provider with an independently audited zero-logs policy. Plus, make sure that it's based in a privacy-respecting jurisdiction.
  • Compatibility. What's the point of a VPN if you can only use it on Linux, for example. A versatile VPN should give you multiple simultaneous connections and apps for all major platforms and devices.
  • Quality-price ratio. A virtual private network shouldn't push you towards the verge of bankruptcy. You can find a cheap high-end VPN service for less than $5.00/month.

How to change Steam region to your desired country?

You probably can't afford to move to a different country to simply change your Steam wallet region. As luck might have it, you can travel anywhere virtually, and get Steam games cheaper or even free with the best VPN service.

However, Valve has a couple of curbs for changing your Steam location. Firstly, you must buy something at least once before swapping countries. Plus, a month must pass after your first purchase. And after making a switch, you'll have to stay on the same server for at least 3 months due to the Steam region change cooldown.

How to change Steam region with VPN 6

Nevertheless, If I piqued your interest and you are willing to do some tweaking, read further and find out how to change a Steam account to another country.

How to change Steam region to Argentina

Argentina is one of the best Steam countries due to dirt cheap games. However, loads of gamers abused this power, leading to hardcore restrictions imposed by Valve.

Luckily, with a VPN, you can switch your old account's region or create a new one, with Argentina being its home location. Then, all you have to do is follow the instructions:

  1. Get a Steam VPN with servers in Argentina. I recommend NordVPN, which offers 20+ pieces of hardware in the region
  2. Get the service up and running and connect to an Argentinian server
  3. Select Account details on the Steam website or app
  4. Choose Update Store Country. This is only possible if you've purchased something over a month ago
  5. Enter your new billing address and apply the country change
  6. Enjoy the cheapest games on Argentinian Steam

How to change Steam region to Turkey

Turkey is not only an excellent vacation destination but also a great place to get Steam games cheaper. Thus, creating a Turkish Steam account or tweaking your current one should give you access to low-priced games. Follow the steps and enjoy low prices:

  1. Subscribe to a Steam VPN with Turkish servers. NordVPN offers over 14 pieces of hardware in this region
  2. Create a VPN account and join a server in Turkey
  3. Go to Account details on the Steam website or app
  4. Choose Update Store Country. This is only possible if you've bought a game over the last month
  5. Enter your new billing address and apply the country change
  6. Get low-priced games on Turkish Steam!

Where is Steam unavailable?

Steam has grown to become one of the most popular video game distributors in 2022. As the platform states, the service is available in 180+ locations, including Taiwan, Argentina, the British Virgin Islands, and Russia. But there are a few countries that don't have access to Steam.

Due to US sanctions, Steam is unavailable in China, North Korea, Syria, Cuba, Sudan, and Iran. Additionally, in early 2022, Steam stopped accepting payments from Russian and Belarusian gamers.

Cheapest countries for Steam

If you're a gamer from the US or EU, you might get a bit frustrated about the price inequality. Like with most digital services, Steam prices vary in different countries. That's due to various factors like cost of living, exchange rates, and other factors.

Let's take an absolute classic, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, as an example. On a regular day, US gamers can buy Skyrim for $19.99. Whereas in other regions, you can find the game for way cheaper:

CountryTES V: Skyrim price
Argentina $2.56
India $7.24

Therefore, if you want to be a bit of a rebel and get cheaper games, you'll need a VPN that can swap your IP address and change your Steam Store region. I highly recommend NordVPN, as it will ensure stable and fast speeds, provide loads of servers in mentioned countries, and it can surely bypass geo-restrictions.

Moreover, you'll need to change the Steam currency accordingly, for example, Argentinian Peso, for everything to work correctly. You'll need a local credit card, a friend that can transfer the money, or Argentinian Steam Gift cards to top up your Steam Wallet.

How to change Steam region without a VPN

While it's a lot easier to do with a virtual private network, you can change your Steam location without a VPN. The only thing you need to do is to head to location settings and simply swap the region.

Change Steam region without VPN

The only problem is that you'll need a local payment card which is impossible to obtain if you don't live in the chosen Steam region. The only way to bypass this issue is to ask your foreign friends to share their payment card details with you or use 707 Region Switch services for Steam. However, both options are pretty dodgy, and you'll be much safer with a VPN.

While it might seem that Steam is against VPN usage, that's actually not the case. Steam allows virtual private network usage for safety measures when gaming to protect yourself from DDoS attacks and other cyberthreats. Moreover, you can use a VPN to protect your privacy while on the video game distribution platform or the web.

Valve regions limit

But you have to do that without breaking the Terms of Services, meaning you can't change your Steam Store location whenever you are pleased. You won't get instantly banned if you get caught changing location frequently. However, you'll trigger Steam region change cooldown. That means you'll get locked to your current country for 3 months. Therefore, choose the country that you want to purchase Steam games from wisely.

Steam is not working with a VPN: solution

Not everything is sunshine and rainbows when you use Steam with a VPN. Even if your virtual private network worked perfectly fine with streaming platforms or games, you might have issues when changing the Steam region. As a result, you won't be able to get cheaper or blocked games from the platform. Or worse – you might get banned from Steam.

Steam error message

Additionally, other problems might include the inability to log in or slower than snail speed. Hence, before taking any drastic measures or losing your marbles, try these simple steps to solve Steam VPN-related issues:

  • Reconnect to a server. Sometimes there might be some hardware issues, or Steam has already banned the IP address you're using. Therefore, try disconnecting and joining the server in the same country again.
  • Restart your devices. If your computer or console is acting up, try shutting it down, wait a few minutes, and get it up and running again. As an extra measure, you can also reboot your router. A simple yet usually effective method.
  • Check for IP leaks. With shoddy VPNs, leaks are a common issue. Make sure your leak protection is on, and your kill switch is up and running. You can use our IP leak test if you can't tell if your real IP is showing.
  • Allow Steam traffic on your VPN. Usually, some VPN features can interfere with Steam traffic. For example, if you're using split tunneling, make sure that you haven't excluded Steam from the secure tunnel.
  • Get help from customer support. If you don't have the time to deal with problems yourself, message the pros. A reliable provider should have a 24/7 live chat option for all your VPN-related issues.

The most drastic (and dramatic) measure is changing your VPN provider. With a service like NordVPN, you shouldn't run into any issues. It's a versatile VPN that is perfect for changing Steam location. And that's evident from my review above.

Can you change the Steam region with a free VPN?

I'll give it to you straight – it's possible to change the Steam region with a free VPN, but it will come with loads of limitations. For instance, it's not worth your while because a costless service will slow you down, provide zero security features, and only a few overcrowded servers to choose from. And in worst-case scenarios, a free Steam VPN will sell your data to third parties or riddle your device with malware.

Therefore, I highly suggest grabbing a premium Steam VPN with a free trial period. That way, you'll get all security and privacy features, excellent speeds, and geo-restriction bypassing capabilities. Not to mention, you can change your Steam region with this free option if you're keen to do that.

Wrap up

Steam is the hub of thousands of great video games for everyone's taste. However, unfair pricing in various regions, blocked games, and Valve's restrictions frustrate gamers. It pushes them to seek different ways to change the Steam region. Sadly, it's getting more difficult to bypass these senseless curbs.

Thankfully, a virtual private network, such as NordVPN, can help you update your country and wallet on the platform. That way, you'll have access to countless games at a meager price. Not to mention, you'll stay safe and private while scoring multiple frags or exploring new horizons on video games.

What are your experiences with changing the Steam region with a VPN? Which one do you use? Share in the comments!

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