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Best VPNs for Apex Legends in 2024

Since its release in 2019, the free-to-play battle royale Apex Legends has taken the world by storm. The encounters are chaotic, the heroes are legendary, and the gun list includes impressive weapons of destruction. Every season brings something new to the table, making the experience even better.

But as expected from an online game, it has its fair share of problems regarding location-restricted content, unbearable lag, and data throttling. And because of multiplayer, many have fallen victim to Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks launched by opponents who don’t play fair.

As unbelievable as it may sound, you can fix these grievances in just a few clicks. All you have to do is get one of the 5 best VPNs for Apex Legends and connect to a server that will mask your internet traffic while stabilizing it. Then you can play the game unhindered by geographical barriers, high ping, or cyber-attacks.

  1. NordVPN: the best VPN for Apex Legends. It includes one of the most expansive server fleets, leading speeds in the industry, and a great array of powerful privacy-ensuring tools.
  2. Surfshark VPN: an excellent Apex Legends VPN. It offers unlimited simultaneous connections, DDoS protection, and cheap plans.
  3. Atlas VPN: the best VPN for Apex Legends Mobile. It has user-friend apps for Android and iOS, no device limit, and a free version.
  4. IPVanish: a great VPN for Apex. It includes an antivirus software, StealthVPN, and has no virtual servers for zero lag.
  5. PrivateVPN: an Apex VPN with stable performance, broad device compatibility, and effective geo-block circumvention tools.
  1. Subscribe to the best VPN for Apex Legends. Out of numerous providers, NordVPN excelled in almost all of my tests.
  2. Install the software on your preferred device. Computers and phones have dedicated apps, just remember to download the one meant for your operating system. Console players will have to manually set up the VPN on their routers as Xbox and PlayStation systems don’t support this technology natively.
  3. Pick the best server for you. If it’s for avoiding bandwidth throttling and potential threats, it’s enough to connect to the nearest one. Those wanting to access geo-restricted content need to select an appropriate country where it’s available.

Once the connection is established, your online presence (IP address and actions) is encrypted with an unbreakable cipher. No one can track you or trace anything you do back to you, ensuring total anonymity and security. Just check whether your actual IP isn’t leaking and launch Apex Legends.

Why do you need a VPN for Apex Legends?

High ping and packet loss can seriously hinder your gaming experience, especially if you’re aiming for the Apex Legends big leagues. These tend to occur depending on several factors:

  • Your internet connection stability and how excellent are the speeds.
  • How close you are to the nearest Apex server – Africa has none, South America just 1, Asia and Oceania get 6, Europe has 4, and North America a whopping 10
  • Whether your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is throttling your bandwidth or not (happens if they want to curb increased data usage)

Either way, the game will constantly be freezing, and you’ll have a harder time finding and entering matches. Another thing that can royally mess up the performance is salty players that hold grudges for the silliest of reasons.


Eliminate an opponent if they’re caught unaware or make an off-hand joke, and you might find yourself on the receiving end of a DDoS attack. These disrupt your internet connection, disconnecting you from the game and making you lose automatically.

Routing all traffic through encrypted tunnels solves the issues I’ve covered above, and, thankfully, VPNs do just that. Your ISP can’t limit you, and malicious players can’t target you if they can’t trace you. Furthermore, redirected internet connections travel via VPN servers, improving your speeds and reducing lag noticeably.

The best VPNs for Apex are beneficial for those wanting to test their skills against opponents from different regions. You just have to pick a country on another continent, and you’re all set. Plus, it grants you access to cosmetic items available in specific locations only.

Best VPNs for Apex Legends: overview

Not every VPN is up for the task and might even hinder your progress in Apex if it doesn’t include certain features. The best candidates I’ve listed have:

  • A global presence, with server locations in almost every continent
  • The latest tunneling protocols or other measures to guarantee excellent & stable connectivity
  • The essential VPN feature set for ensuring utmost privacy & security
  • Dedicated apps for major operating systems (mobiles included) or router support
  • Applicability for other online ventures, from browsing the web to torrenting

My top 5 best VPNs for Apex Legends proved efficient while testing them on PC, mobile, and consoles. None leaked my IP address, and I was able to quickly and easily access foreign Apex servers to test the mettle of South American and Asian players. What’s more, lag was barely noticeable, so the several matches I participated in went by smoothly.

1. NordVPN

The top Apex Legends VPN is NordVPN. Neither the ISP nor hackers will hinder your sessions in this battle royale when you’re kept safe under wraps with high-grade encryption, IP and DNS leak protection, and a kill switch. Plus, it’s one of the fastest providers in the industry, meaning performance isn’t going to be a problem either.

This VPN includes OpenVPN, IKEv2, and the proprietary NordLynx tunneling protocols, with the latter being the best of the bunch. While higher latency is expected when connecting to the other side of the globe, Apex Legends ran pretty well with no serious stuttering.

Want to primarily haunt the North American and European servers? Then nabbing a dedicated IP is in your interest. You won’t have to use a shared IP, lessening the chances of getting banned if someone’s behavior on the same address is ban-worthy. They are located in the US, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, and France.

There are P2P-optimized servers for those who dabble in file-sharing on the side. And accessing foreign content isn’t an issue either, unblocking libraries on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, etc. The nifty SmartPlay feature makes NordVPN work even on devices that don’t support VPN software in the first place.

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2. Surfshark

Another noteworthy VPN for Apex Legends is Surfshark VPN, which you can share with your whole squad. It’s jam-packed with various tools, from the basics to those meant for secure web browsing and breaking through restrictive country firewalls. Plus, your ping will remain consistent since the speeds are more than great.

Speaking of which, the WireGuard tunneling protocol is perfect for the job, whether you’re browsing or increasing your K/D. I’d also like to highlight the Software Defined Networking (SDN) technology implemented with the Nexus upgrade. The provider connected all servers to one extensive network, stabilizing and speeding up the connections globally in the process.

Coming back to features, Surfshark VPN offers Bypasser for routing VPN traffic through certain apps, CleanWeb for blocking malware, and Camouflage and NoBorders modes for battling online censorship. It doesn’t have dedicated IPs, but you can connect to Static IP servers, which will assign you the same IP address every time.

If Apex Legends isn’t the only way you pass your free time, other similar online games aren’t off the table either. Furthermore, you can utilize this service for torrenting, streaming, avoiding surveillance, and accessing blocked content in your country.

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3. Atlas VPN

If you’re looking for one of the cheapest VPNs for Apex Legends, then you can’t go wrong with Atlas VPN. It delivers on its promises and doesn’t disappoint in the security and performance departments. Moreover, there’s a free version available for those who don’t want to pay a cent, but it has its limitations.

While the location options could be better, Atlas VPN is great for connecting to Apex Legends’ North American and European servers. The WireGuard protocol worked great on PC and phone, and it even exceeded my expectations when playing Apex Legends Mobile, where intense lag usually makes the game unplayable.

This provider includes a neat rotating IP feature for maximum untraceability. Just connect to any SafeSwap server, and your IP will periodically change without dropping the connection. SafeBrowse is also great if you think your web browsing lacks some protection from malware and such.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t test Atlas VPN on Xbox and PlayStation since the software is not router-compatible. While it somewhat compensates for that by not having a device limit, I can’t recommend it for console-only Apex players. Other than that, it’s a worthy choice.

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4. IPVanish

IPVanish is an Apex VPN geared towards security and reliability. It’s a solid candidate that doesn’t limit devices and includes all the right features meant to keep you safe at home and on public Wi-Fi. ISP throttling won’t bother you anymore either, finally letting you enjoy Apex Legends in all its glory.

This provider is one of the few services that own all hardware or don’t have any virtual servers. It increases IPVanish’s trustworthiness and server safety while boosting VPN performance and connection stability. Now add WireGuard into the mix, and high ping is a thing of the past.

Besides the usual tools, you also get the VIPRE antivirus software, which does as the name suggests. Then there’s Stealth VPN which masks VPN usage on networks that may block it. Quite handy if you want to play Apex Legends Mobile in school or at work.

There are no restrictions for those downloading and uploading files via P2P. Getting access to foreign streaming content is an issue, though, and you won’t get much out of IPVanish in this category. It is quite surprising because this provider has no trouble bypassing other geo-blocks.

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5. PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN is an all-rounder Apex Legends VPN that works with a broad range of devices. Whether you’re diving into the next battle royale match or catching up on foreign shows, stable performance is guaranteed throughout. Plus, you’re protected with the essentials, ensuring you don’t end up on the receiving end of DDoS and similar attacks.

It’s hard not to notice the moderate server fleet and lack of WireGuard, but PrivateVPN will surprise you with great speeds. Yes, there was some lag while playing Apex, yet it didn’t hinder my gameplay, even when connected to servers farther away. My ping never went above 70ms, which is more than reasonable.

I suspect I can contribute this achievement to the infrastructure, which the provider optimized to deliver maximum speeds whenever possible. Then there’s the High Quality Network that PrivateVPN purchases straight from the source instead of intermediaries, resulting in increased latency.

Torrenting is this provider’s specialty – it’s enabled on all servers, and the service includes tools for boosting it. Port forwarding and SOCKS5 proxies facilitate faster download rates, while split tunneling routes the VPN connection only via the torrent client or any other selected apps. Streaming enthusiasts also get to enjoy BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, and more.

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How I tested and selected Apex Legends VPN

Not all available VPNs are necessarily suited for Apex Legends, so you can never go wrong with some research – lucky for you, I already did most of the leg work. When conducting my analysis, I’ve paid attention to several crucial aspects, namely:

  • Excellent performance. High latency and constant freezes will make Apex Legends unplayable, so we want to avoid that at all costs. It meant comparing the providers via speed tests and trying the game myself while connected to the VPN, plus cycling through the available tunneling protocols. I’ve also looked for WireGuard and equivalent protocols.
  • Server list. Having as many servers as possible ensures there are at least several near you, which positively impacts performance. Adding to that, global coverage means you can access more foreign Apex servers.
  • Security and privacy. Any Apex Legends VPN cannot do without leak protection, a kill switch, and AES-256 encryption. These ensure your online identity remains hidden and everything you do on the internet anonymous. I’ve also awarded bonus points to services that included extra features like Stealth VPN, antivirus, etc.
  • Router support. Consoles are notorious for their limitations, one of which is that they don’t support VPN software. Users who engage in Apex Legends via Xbox and PlayStation have no other choice but to set up the software on the router manually. I looked for providers that allow doing just that and have concise, easy-to-understand instructions.
  • Versatility. I’ve noticed that gamers usually don’t limit themselves to a single pastime activity, so I checked how great Apex VPNs are for casual browsing, unblocking geo-locked content of various streaming platforms, and torrenting.
  • Price. Not every premium service that costs a lot is worth the hype, and it’s worse if it can’t deliver on its promises. My list includes affordable VPNs, especially for the features and performance they offer.

How to use VPN on Apex Legends mobile

  1. Buy a subscription and download the best VPN for Apex Legends Mobile. NordVPN has dedicated apps for Android and iOS, and both come with a robust set of features perfect for Apex Mobile players.
  2. Install the application on your phone. After it’s done, you’ll be required to log into the account you created during the purchase process.
  3. Connect to a server best suited for you. If it’s for general protection against DDoS and ISP throttling, pick the one closest to you. For those who want to access other regional Apex servers, select a location in an appropriate continent.
  4. Perform an IP and DNS leak test. If one or the other is still visible, your identity and activities won’t be protected. Connect to another server and perform the check again.
  5. Launch Apex Legends Mobile and dive into the action!

How to play Apex with VPN without lag

As expected of any mobile game, especially an online multiplayer one, lag is an issue. While some players get random stuttering here and there, there are plenty of accounts of lag so bad the battle royale is essentially unplayable.


Numerous factors play into this, and I cover the most egregious ones below:

  • Specs below minimum system requirements. A sad reality is that sometimes your hardware is the one causing massive problems. Double-check whether what’s packed inside your PC is up for the task of running Apex Legends.
  • New or old bugs. You’re bound to run into some glitches or weird bugs that break the game or at least some aspect of it. These take time to fix, so you have to remain patient in the meanwhile. Look them up on Reddit or appropriate Apex forums, and report it.
  • Servers down for maintenance. Suppose everything is taking suspiciously long to load, or your ping is off the charts. In that case, it’s also possible some servers are down, causing others to accommodate a larger number of players than usual. Check Respawn’s Twitter, the latest posts on the game’s subreddit, or any of the numerous websites that track which Apex Legends servers are running and which are not.
  • Geographical location. As I’ve noted at the beginning of the article, some continents have way fewer Apex Legends servers than others (with Africa getting none at all). If the nearest one to you is significantly far away, then it’s natural to get a high ping. It is a case where a VPN will fix the issue by allowing you to pick a better server.
  • Your Internet Service Provider. The internet plan you chose might not be enough to accommodate comfortable gaming. When considering changing providers, pay attention to data transfer rates, the type of internet offered (DSL, cable, fiber), and equipment.
  • Bandwidth throttling. ISPs aren’t the only ones guilty of throttling your internet – schools and workplaces also do this to avoid congestion on their networks. You can easily bypass it using a VPN since this technology conceals your online activities.
  1. Pick a suitable Apex Legends VPN. NordVPN excels when it comes to online games.
  2. Install the VPN client on the device of your choice. Console players will have to do this another way, which I detailed below.
  3. Connect to the nearest server to you. This will net you faster speeds, resulting in low ping.
  4. Boot Apex Legends and enjoy smooth gameplay!

Apex Legends packet loss

It is another problem worthy of a separate section as it ties into constant freezing and lag. Everything on the internet travels in packets, and if one fails to reach its destination, the data bits are lost, hence ‘packet loss.’ It results in connection timeouts, rubberbanding, severe stuttering, etc. – in short, hindrances you don’t want in any online game, especially Apex.


Apex Legends notes your packet loss percentage depending on game servers in the main menu. You can try troubleshooting it as follows:

  • Reboot your device – this will close any unnecessary background processes that might be using up too much bandwidth. At the same time, do not open applications or your web browser if it’s not essential for gameplay.
  • Stop all downloads and close the torrent client – playing Apex and torrenting on the side will result in a subpar or downright atrocious battle royale experience.
  • Switch to ethernet if possible – while Wi-Fi is more convenient, it increases latency and potential data loss. It’s generally recommended to switch to cable for serious online gaming as it facilitates better speeds.
  • Update the network drivers – outdated drivers are known for causing a myriad of issues, not just the packet loss kind.
  • Change the game server – you can change your Apex server manually from the same Data Center menu, just pick the ones with 0 packet loss. If all have a high percentage, I advise connecting to a VPN server to see if it helps decrease it.

How to play Apex Legends on Xbox and PlayStation with VPN

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – consoles don’t support VPN software. There’s no direct way to install the client on Xbox, PlayStation, or other kinds of consoles where having a VPN is helpful.

Though Xbox and PlayStation owners aren’t entirely left out, and a suitable workaround exists. It might seem daunting at first, but you’ll have to set up the VPN on your router manually. Any device connected to the router via Wi-Fi or cable after this will be secured, consoles included.

Before doing anything, make sure your router supports VPN technology by looking up your model on the manufacturer’s website. Moreover, it’s worth checking out the best VPN for routers for compatibility. If it does, follow the steps below:

  1. Check if your router has a separate VPN installation guide on the manufacturer’s website. Some VPN services also offer their own manuals you can refer to.
  2. Open the web browser and enter your router's IP address in the address bar. Most use the same default one – It will open a login screen leading to this device’s settings.
  3. Log in. If this is the first time you’re doing this, enter the default login credentials. Each manufacturer has different default usernames and passwords depending on the router’s model – look it up online. Change the login credentials once you’ve accessed the configuration interface.
  4. Find the VPN options tab and click VPN client to configure it. Enable the VPN and enter the correct settings – you can find them on your VPN provider's website.
  5. If necessary, complete any post-configuration steps, like configuring the router’s firewall to allow VPN connections.
  6. Perform a leak test to see if your IP address is successfully hidden – if so, connect your Xbox or PlayStation to the new network. Now, you’re free to play Apex Legends securely.

Do I recommend using a free VPN for Apex Legends?

I can definitely see the appeal – Apex is free-to-play, so why should I pay for a VPN to better my experience? A lot of people are under the impression that free VPNs for Apex Legends work just as well as their premium counterparts. Hate to break it to you all, but so-called ‘costless’ services will only make matters worse.

A few things I want to emphasize:

  • Many free VPNs for Apex Legends Mobile and its PC and console counterparts are terrible at keeping you anonymous. IP and DNS leaks are quite frequent, meaning you’re not safe from cyber-attacks, ISP throttling, or even basic surveillance.
  • Then there are bandwidth limits that reward you with intense and random lag spikes. Plus, the very few servers available will be overcrowded, exasperating the problem further.
  • We all agree that injecting malware and all kinds of malicious software into your gaming devices is wrong. So, why do some free providers go and do just that? It’s a huge security risk that will negatively impact your hardware in the long run as well.
  • And I can’t forget about extensive data logging. The only way these services manage to continue operating is by selling information collected about their users to third parties.

Now, I don’t want to sound too fearmongering – even I can admit that not every costless provider is out to get you. Like Atlas VPN that I included in the list, there are a few best free VPNs for Apex Legends that do their utmost to offer users the same protection and privacy as premium services. The critical point is to make sure vetted companies operate them.

If I completely scared you away from free VPNs, but you still don’t want to pay, you can always cycle through the free trials of trusted providers. You get access to the full tool suite until the time limit expires – just hop onto another one once it ends and continue benefiting from this technology for another week.


Apex Legends is an explosive, chaotic battle royale where you’re bound to have fun no matter how you play – solo or with friends. There’s always fresh content to explore, from new stylish heroes to event-exclusive skins, guns, maps, and more.

But as any online gamer can attest, Apex is no stranger to problems associated with this genre. DDoS attacks, lag that makes the game unplayable, and content available only to certain locations, you can’t escape these without appropriate tools.

What I specifically have in mind are the best VPNs for Apex Legends. NordVPN, just like other providers I’ve listed above, encrypts your traffic and hides your online presence, helping avoid common battle royale issues. Plus, connecting to another country unlocks region-specific skins and more.

It’s also great for other online activities than just gaming, like P2P file-sharing and streaming. Even simple web browsing becomes infinitely better and safer when no one can track your movements and store that data for later use.

Do you think I missed a great Apex Legends VPN provider? Or maybe you have some other tips and tricks for circumventing lag? Let me know, and I’ll be happy to update the article.

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